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The Company brand UVIC  is an experienced specialist in the development of various meat products. Over a 27-year-period, we have gained a reputation of a reliable partner and have become one of the market leaders in producing semi-finished meat products.

We develop and manufacture more than 70 products for retail and HoReCa.

We offer a wide range of produce, including various sausages, frankfurters, hams, meat delicacies, shish kebabs and jellied meat. Company brand UVIC frozen semi-finished products are particularly popular, including 30 types of raviolis and dumplings.

Our products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, and the production is constantly updated and improved: new technologies are mastered, recipes are developed, and the range of produce is increased.

A long-standing experience and availability of own production facilities also allow us to develop and manufacture products for business clients. Based on the needs and requests of your company, UVIC specialists will offer various options for meat products and semi-finished products that we can produce under your brand.


The mission of the Company brand UVIC  is to produce natural and most useful meat products and semi-finished products which are affordable for everyone. We believe that reducing the final price should be achieved by optimizing all business processes, rather than saving on high-quality raw materials.

TheCompany brand UVIC also strives to maintain high standards of openness, honesty and transparency in the conduct of business.


The  Company brand UVIC strives for development, constantly creating new recipes, using modern technologies and effectively optimizing production processes. We wish to be a brand which associates for consumers with consistently good quality products that they have known and loved since their childhood.

Despite the large size of our company, we are able to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment and follow global trends.

We take care of nature and material goods, and also appreciate the contribution of all our employees to the development of the enterprise. Being aware of our social significance, we want society to benefit from the results of our work.

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